How to build a website optimization Shanghai dragon brand

refers to the selection of industry began to develop from small to large from a point, as do keyword ranking, should choose new competitive small keywords, long tail keywords, and then slowly to the target keywords optimization competition. With the long tail keywords accumulation, is a huge resource, seemingly from long-term strategy in rural areas surrounding the city, when the long tail keywords do worry about perfection of the time will not target keywords ranking, to put the industry to do fine do fine. By this way to promote their own Many a little make a mickle..

The use of soft So

is long for many small and medium-sized webmaster want to build a website brand, pay is great, and there are many ways. But for small and medium-sized webmaster cost will seriously affect the success rate, so the choice of Shanghai dragon is a good way, because the cost is very small, the operation effect is very obvious. So let us talk about how to use the Shanghai dragon website brand.

two, brand promotion for the use of soft

soft Wen creation is actually very simple, but the difficulty is a good creative ideas, every day in different ways for their own publicity, provide different ideas. For the brand publicity needs to have certain pertinence, after all, not all visitors are our customers, identify the user of publicity will greatly improve our conversion rate, if you can think of some articles directly in the search for a thing or a product, so that no marketing >

using the method of Shanghai dragon is equivalent to a free way, not only time will not put too much cost, but this is not to say that all of the sites are suitable for this way. To the electronic commerce website, large coverage, many products, it requires a large amount of cost for publicity, only a limited effect and effect of Shanghai dragon will slow. The first step we build a brand in the use of Shanghai dragon needs to locate the site, start from the fine classification. Here from the start segment has many advantages, the first will reduce the degree of competition, then indirectly enhance the success rate. Second fine classification has many not yet developed industries or keywords, is conducive to our development. So long as we put these segments of the industry to achieve the ultimate will bring huge benefits to us.

on website for publicity is a very good way, continuous improvement is conducive to the promotion of their own brand of soft Wen Xuan website. Brand promotion is a good tool for the use of soft, soft Wen is actually a kind of soft advertising, direct promotion to the user, but the cost is very low. But the face is very wide publicity. Imagine when a soft Wen is the tens of thousands of users to browse through our efforts, so if there are hundreds of thousands of users are browsing the soft article? This effect and coverage is very terrible, this is the use of soft accumulation of a large number of users.

, a brand needs to be gradual, from small to large

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