How to rationally utilize three kinds of heat keywords construction site structure

for the site is a large source of branch flow is general, the site structure, then how to use the general keywords? I believe that you can set your general keywords for your catalogue. For example, the site of the general keywords "the facial plastic", as in catalogue. These general keywords that set apart from weight to increase the user experience on the site you can not make a reasonable distribution. The weight of your site content page will transfer to the catalog and directory can be passed to the home page of your site, so you can ensure your home page keywords get enough weight. Of course, we classified catalog number can not be too much, if more words, you can use the form through the use of sub categories. As shown below:

three: the use of popular keywords as the content of the site of the title

describes how to layout, the first popular keywords our set for the site title, keyword set for the general category, popular keywords set content title. Then the author according to their own site to do an analysis.



: the popular keywords for the title of the site

directory using the general keywords to do the siteKeywords

general site keywords we divided according to the heat can be divided into three grades. Are popular keywords, keywords and popular keywords (long tail keywords and we often say). When we were the site layout, if you can reasonably use the three words structure erection, your site will get unexpected results. Then I will discuss how to use keywords by these three types of structure sharing her own points. First, we can look at the.


is a popular keyword keyword search is relatively large. Each site has its own popular keywords, popular keywords related to the positioning of the site. For example, the site is plastic site, so the site is popular keywords Guangzhou plastic surgery hospital. The location for the A5 station network, then keywords for A5 station network. As shown in the popular keyword set for the title of the site. We will be a popular keyword set at the site of the title or description. For this because it is simple, the author is not a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

is popular, the so-called long tail keywords, the word search volume is relatively small, but will be more in line with the user’s search, can obtain more accurate target audience. Or to the site as an example, one of the popular keywords the site of Guangzhou’s best plastic surgery hospital ", the author can be embedded into our site in the title of the content according to the keywords, to win.

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