Website search engine optimization keywords set selling products not less

for most website designers, on-line web site and not by the webmaster to or prompted by a sudden impulse, through the website to express what you want, everyone’s ideas are not the same, and each focus is different, in the fierce competition in the industry, small.

as a web site, there must be different from other peer sites in the process of operation, although the network copy is very simple, as long as you move the mouse, can copy the contents of the A web site B, however, take a look at some successful website, not the same, Taobao is the one and only once, and pat, yes this mall is imitation of taobao贵族宝贝, ultimately failed, there are also some good website imitation 123 website, but in the end of 123 or 123, other similar websites are difficult to surpass, and obtain good market space similar to the 123 site, and has 123 are essentially different. The same is the group purchase website, the public comments, the U.S. mission network in terms of site layout, or marketing focus, completely different, although they had pushed the "intense physical conflict", but the site design style is completely different, keywords layout is not the same. Therefore, a comparison of market access and other websites, there is always not the same place, always have their own characteristics, and this feature is the selling point of

website promotion optimization is very important, some owners are usually in the choice of keywords to find the tools, popular vocabulary, or reference keywords competitors set, promotion website promotion! – no experience, can refer to competitors or according to some statistical tools to determine the key words, this is not the way to go with the flow. Wrong, but if a website does not feature, or fall into a vicious competition in the key words, the internal friction will make the website lose a lot of opportunities, even difficult to see the results, and some owners according to a variety of tools to determine the keywords in the search engine has a good ranking, but the conversion rate is very low in the web product

! Keywords

we know, with the rapid development of the Internet, social media has become one of the hottest way of marketing, and social marketing is the user in the first place, the user experience has played an important role. So, how to get a good user experience? The Taobao business platform website as an example, a user purchase intention there are two important points, one is the volume, the other is the user reviews, and even some businesses in order to get good reviews, at the user comments by "brush credit" means, though Taobao has a strict regulatory system, there is still a seller to defy the law, in the B2B platform, has always been to genuine itself as a Jingdong, in June 18th years to promote, the media group of Jingdong "malicious brush", in short, business platform "brush", get more orders through the user evaluation of customer service, this is one of the selling points, and in the website promotion, how to implant in the key selling point



, why is this?

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