The medical website bidding low conversion rate of optimized A5 transformation steadily

The The next step is to optimize the

A5 for optimization of landing page, the website said some can not accept, they think that the landing page information is all the better, the more detailed the better text. This good thing, any landing page must pass the A/B test to achieve the best effect, not by comparing the effect is not apparent, through 10 days of testing, the site responsible person to accept the recommendations of the A5, because see the effect, but the A5 team did not let them continue to the end of the test, the new the landing page size, color, consulting button placement, page text layout into the test order.

website customer service consulting, has 5 years of consulting who told the A5 that our dialogue is the best after thoroughly tempered, has said, A5 recommends no experience, results through a simple dialogue and a few tests, found that they are not suitable for each dialogue mode a project with the same dialogue in different projects, the effect is not the same, accepted A5’s proposal, shaping website customer service team to improve business level.

plastic net is already has 3 years of operating time, after 6.28 serious drop right after, almost no flow, but also for the effect is very bad, because the bidding specialist negligence, resulting in poor quality of a lot of key accounts, as a star of ash, high bid, no ranking, site person in charge in the face of the decline in performance is very anxious, take the initiative to contact the A5 bidding optimization team "occasionally", I hope that A5 can help them survive.

Have a headache when

site will be responsible for shaping their situation, hoping that A5 within 30 days, make to improve their performance, after a preliminary analysis, 3 days after the A5 bidding team (贵族宝贝ppc.admin5贵族宝贝) gives the diagnosis report and suggestions, after 15 days of adjustment, although has not reached the quality standard of the account. But from a word the original 70%, and 30% of the two words, up to 30% Samsung words, 60% words (half star Capella green), a star and 10% words, the advertisement by bid has reached the show, but the A5 team did not make the site quickly shaping price for ranking, reason is the site of the landing page needs to be redesigned, let the bidding advertising click can be transformed into effective business consulting.


many of the enterprises in Shanghai bidding operation love >

on the site after the business process optimization, A5 bidding team carried out a training of bidding specialist, they must constantly optimize the popularization of online love Shanghai time, and within budget and ensure access to online time, continue to reduce the average price and click on keywords, to monitor keywords beyond keyword bid warning line. So the boss give you 800 dollars you can spend a whole good day, not always when the money did not work on the run, always raise the budget, reduce the budget, will affect the quality of accounts.

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