Optimization strategies and skills of Shanghai dragon enterprise website

network marketing, more and more enterprises pay close attention to the construction and promotion of their own site. At present, the Shanghai Phoenix market, compared with the past more standardized and more intense competition. As for advertising, search engine promotion service payment, achieve good rankings by natural ranking of search engine for website promotion alone, produced a huge impact. How to make the site more effective to get good rankings in the search engine, has become the focus of enterprise website of Shanghai dragon staff. Optimization strategies and skills of Shanghai dragon below us to analyze the enterprise website.

in different sectors of the enterprise website promotion is not the same, such as some enterprise website is the sale of large equipment, not directly through the electronic commerce website for online transactions. So in the website, introduces the basic configuration and performance of the product description, product advantage and contact. For this type of enterprise website, can be generalized by some space, blog style. Such as the use of QQ space website promotion, is very popular on the Internet now. Now from what age practitioners, most are using QQ to contact each other, so the QQ space has become a common way of communication. But when the log updates or comments, the QQ program has warned that it can attract people to view the log. And the QQ space itself in Shanghai search engine ranking on the relative, as users in the search input keywords, the relative ranking of the former is love love Shanghai, Shanghai space encyclopedia, QQ space on the relative ranking. Therefore.


for the enterprise website construction, main purpose is to allow users to find the required information, and to generate customer visits, improve the site’s attention. From the early construction site, the domain name selection, site structure, page style, simple clear code compilation. Do not use a lot of animation on the web page or open speed influence elements, so convenient for users to open the page, and can quickly find the required information. Do website optimization, especially the internal optimization, remember the principle is the best use of the website is not necessarily the best.


keyword is determined by the choice of the website can be the primary task of a good ranking in the search engine. So the research of Shanghai Longfeng professional who study keywords users can find their own website is an important beacon, it can significantly improve the site visits and ranking. But the user search habits are changing, such as the Shanghai love search engine drop-down box and relevant search, the user can be found using the search terms will be affected by the current social hot news timeliness effect. Therefore, the website keywords not immutable and frozen but to follow the market, change and development, adhere to the daily analysis of key words.

attention to the user experience

3. the use of space or blog to improve the ranking of

, a web site optimization strategy

Keywords The rapid development of

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