How to put the key forum Taobao optimization to Shanghai first love



two, on the website of the program

, a domain name origin



forum will be very strange this domain what wool relationship and do Taobao forum ah, in fact there is a story originally this domain is a friend and I go to register, ready to do a mobile phone wholesale website for his wife and children may not go back with his wife, this is a a good man is an example of our study, in order to give up his wife want to do business here and give him 32 points, because the domain name and space are bought, I want to buy a can’t waste it, I just want to do what site ah, do not good because the local forum I made a local forum called Shangrao expert network because a person’s energy is limited, the domain name expires not to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled renewals, do the local forum this road is not a. How about a good webmaster forum, because the webmaster site is too much like what the home station, A5 station, love these capital operation site, and I have only a no capital operation can think of is not feasible, at this time, my friends asked me how to do Taobao, this let my eyes like a light shining in front of me, or do I love to seller sites like Shanghai search to find the seller forum basically are engaged in training site, careful to do sellers because they focus almost no forum is diverted to the people YY to engage in training, if I do you still have a chance to work. Of course, for what kind of domain name for the website ranking, keyword domain name is prefixed with the keyword domain name, such as "the forum with the seller, the seller keywords" you choose such a domain name, will be very beneficial to the search engine ranking. Keywords domain name of limited resources, the most good keyword domain have been registered, if your industry that appears this kind of situation, we recommend you use the domain name contains keywords, the seller Learning Forum in the domain name choice of this piece is not ready, due to various reasons, did not expect to do is just the beginning the seller learning forum of this website.

put the sun one of my forum ranking pictures are not in love "Taobao Shanghai search forum" ranked in the first place, directly seckill official Taobao forum, I see is how to optimize.

We see the domain name

ready sites should consider the seller choose what open source, because they do not understand the program so sites are open source CMS, to find several open source CMS program will not feel not too, like what DEDE, Empire are not used, the website to find a heap learning video is no point is equal to a few like video program in teaching primary school 1+1, finally chose Discuz because.

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