How to do in Shanghai Dragon Technology Industry on grey

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stations can not only do some difficult words, but also can operate the grey words. Here in Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng stations is that hundreds of thousands of Web site keywords of the same type, the station group software to improve the site keywords coverage, the station group link strategy to enhance the website ranking, some powerful functions on the station group software and station group software optimization strategies do not know can your search. If you find a leisurely for their own standing group of software, select a product for the successful operation of the grey words very considerable profit. Disadvantages of early need to invest part of the funds.

black hat technology pagejacking focus, recently found some keywords gray industry is the use of this technology ranking. The weight of high ranking high site using illegal techniques to modify their grey keywords hijacking, website content title >.

We all know that

mass is commonly used in some software is the blog classification information, the forum sending some grey words. These words the gray degree is very high. The long tail keywords special customs symbol technique to high weight website, once was collected and ranking to the first page of the probability is relatively large, but the chance of being deleted is ninety-nine percent, but the purpose is to leave the contact way. See the best is the use of video network, such as 56, Youku video upload way to leave the site or telephone, specifically how to operate search also will. The mass is mainly lending platform ranking directly to the profit.

black chain not to mention, refers to some people with reverse links to other sites of non normal means to obtain the most common black chain is to get the search engine weight or PR high site WEBSHELL through a variety of web application vulnerabilities, which is linked in their website black on the website. Black chain is simply to deceive users do not deceive the search engine of a one-way connection only, at least now black chain effect is not negligible. Black chain operation is also very simple.

keywords grey industry normal optimization techniques will be limited, such as the chain, the chain forum shielding commonly used, the third party blog shield, and other chain platform will be shut out. So the grey industry keywords are basically station group, mass, black chain, black hat and so on means to obtain the ranking. It seems that these are not recommended in general, but in the opinion of the author and not that, in the premise to profit is king. Grey in different industries have different ways of earnings, following a brief case to introduce some grey keywords is how quickly ranked profit.

what is the gray industry, generally speaking, is in the edge of the law industry is illegal but not illegal industry. For example, engraved chapter rush, Liuhe color, bug and so on, in the further understanding of the true gray industry keywords in the search engine is not allowed to appear bidding. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, gray industry also in the period of development, gray industry profits generated by the unthinkable.

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