How to search engine submission site map Sitemap


third: pure text urllist.txt.

we need to understand the site map, site map is divided into many types, strictly conforms to the sitemap.0.90 specification (as long as this specification is explained in Wuxi Shanghai Longfeng cocoa blog), can be called sitemap site map, which is divided into several common format:

understand the site map types, we also know that the main purpose is to submit a site map and guide the search engine spiders crawl the web smoothly, improve the site included speed and included rate.

in addition to other noble love Shanghai baby, including Yahoo, Bing have a site map to submit sitemap channels, and even specify a page spider crawling tool, but sitpmap really can be handed in? In fact, in the process of submitting site map is also a strategic planning

second: rss.xml or atom.xml.

The first kind of

so, built on the site map, we must first do the planning website in accordance with the framework, the importance and the update frequency of each page, decided to separate the good, not the updated main page, written into the site map of type sitemap.xml, will be more frequent update of the page, such as news, dynamic. Comments written into the site map rss.xml or atom.xml type, in the submission of these 2 maps are presented, so the search engine will determine your page type accurate site map type according to your submission, and reasonable arrangements for the spider to your site regularly crawl. In this paper, by www. wuxi贵族宝贝


yesterday I shared the "how to submit a site map to love Shanghai (Sitemap)", the article published in my blog, love Shanghai submit method website map share finished, submit method of site map sitemap today we mainly talk about the other major search engines. You may think that I do not need to Baidu ranking of the other search engine submission site map, in fact, yesterday I have mentioned in the article, the search engine of many factors are learned from each other, you get a better ranking in a search engine, but also in the other search engines slowly get the corresponding reflect the general optimization, so we must also pay attention to all of the major search engines, we started from the submission site map.

of Shanghai dragon in contributions!

: sitemap.xml is the most common format, this format is the format of the most noble love baby.

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