Keywords ranking in the top 20 tips


second, then a more awesome form of promotion

First, the extended form of With a series of articles to guide third, click on the

: micro-blog, WeChat promotion

most of the owners will encounter this problem, ranking in the 30-40 range of the float is not to enter the forefront of keywords about Shanghai Dragon: Shanghai dragon blog, Shanghai Dragon Technology into the ranking. Now the most important is how to do in addition to 20 key words before 2 pages, now mainly introduces three methods:

talk about Shanghai Longfeng accumulated to a certain user, and the chain is also very OK, you need to do is how to increase the user. Increase the user is to retain old customers, retain old customers with two methods: 1, increase the quality of. At the beginning of the establishment of the website I updated daily articles is two, the purpose is to attract a large number of users every day to see my article. When do to a certain extent, in order to meet the increasing quality of user knowledge to enhance the. Now I send an article every day, but the quality is higher than the earlier paper.


many webmaster in the process of Shanghai dragon in that user experience or weight or the user needs is the ranking of the key? Is this? This is one of the comprehensive or are needed? In fact key keywords ranking is the audience, in the period before keyword ranking even if our website user experience is good, to meet the needs of very OK do, we will have a very high ranking? Certainly not, if users do not have to click on the site that the site is not to create value, no value is not the consumer website won’t have good ranking. So I talk in Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking has made to increase the audience marketing promotion, mainly through the promotion of micro-blog and WeChat. I will put every update released by micro-blog in the form of long, my name is micro-blog moon, you can see that I’m reading an article to thousands of times to read, and read WeChat. Through these two forms in prophase I accumulated a large number of users, these users will see every day of my article, click on the website.

has accumulated a large number of users in early two keywords ranking has to the fifth page, this time on the need to do outside the chain. First of all, Links I have done in the early stage of nearly 30, so now can not increase Links. Then I will do the chain in the QQ group, share platform: A5, the owners of the house submission, love Shanghai library, love Shanghai, Post Bar Research Center forum. Of course refers to the QQ group to share some of the QQ group research center; journal articles refer to my article will share to A5 and the owners of the home page, then it will attract a large number of reprint link. In the early days had in these two platforms contribute some articles and also have a lot of links can be reproduced, I see through the chain query. Love Shanghai Post Bar refers to the research center of the Post Bar, there are many active users, and is our own Post Bar.

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