Love Shanghai Sitelink fat fat Tim Shanghai dragon Er wolf really came

in early November, from the Google sitelimk sitelink officially launched the love of Shanghai, search for some network brand keywords in love in Shanghai (including the industry brand, regional brand), there will be a SiteLink (link station) display effect, which in addition to the normal display the brand website title and description content; at the same time, according to the Shanghai love the huge user search their own understanding of the search data displayed on the brand website home page entry, given the network the brand service brand characteristics of several respected friends (or content) link, it is the love of Shanghai "search" is an important complementary strategy to improve.

love sitelink in Shanghai has greatly increased the brand website display location, which shows the love of Shanghai through the official recommendation to strengthen the attitude, many are not familiar with the various brands of Web services to guide users, while reducing the majority of users of well-known Web site features of the service operation process (such as the main city of SouFun channel), which is convenient the users, greatly improves the user experience.

user search keywords brand, love Shanghai sitelink shows this website the most recommended content (


obviously, for the vast majority of small and medium-sized website, love Shanghai sitelink is definitely not what good news — love Shanghai sitelink maximum lethality is not love Shanghai sitelink search traffic interception, but Shanghai sitelink of love >

for a variety of network brand, it is foreseeable that love Shanghai sitelink show website can improve search traffic, improve site visibility and influence, and opened the same domain rivals.

so fat Tim fat love Shanghai sitelink further proved that the "search engine optimal strategy for combating web spam information is not keep" the mind "(this is the emergency update algorithm, but by the content of a matter of expediency) trusted system construction to himself as the leading, from the industry point of view not all credible content" of the final recommendation from the search engine results,

Shanghai for love itself, love Shanghai in the implementation of sitelink can effectively change the "love Shanghai protection brand keywords weak", "cheat flow" and "false information top" bad image. At the same time, but also hope to love Shanghai love Shanghai sitelink implementation, effectively guide the search for users, to further deepen the reform of the search flow distribution system to high quality website obtained from the search engine more and more high-quality search traffic. Guide more web site operators no longer obsessed with "quickly and effectively improve the flow of search" and "Shanghai dragon secret", don’t stare at the search engine based on the back every act and every move, to create high-quality content services, build network brand "evergreen" website operation strategy.

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